Entry 1463

"What next? What next?" he spoke aloud. "Operation Enduring Digitarti is going down the tubes. We're loosing the battle. The enemy will soon run us over. We have to do someth..."

"Mister President... ah, I mean, Billy you have to remain calm," his adviser warned him. "You have to convince the American people that it's the right thing to do. You have to convince them to continue buying books by Billy Jones as a means to support the troops, a means to support the economy."

A few minutes later he walked to the podium and began to speak, "My fellow Americans, Operation Enduring Digitarti has to continue if we are to continue the American way of life. To pull out now would send the wrong message to the millions of poets and writers who depend on our support. They are the brave men and women in the trenches giving their all, typing 'til their fingers bleed and falling dead at their keyboards so that you and I can enjoy life on our terms, American terms. We have to stay the course. We have to stay the course. We have to stay..."

It was then he awoke only to discover he had again gone to sleep while watching the President repeat the same tired talking points on the same tired stumps in front of the same tired journalists and photographers who might enjoy a story or two from Carrot On A Stick if only their editors would allow them to decide what to report on.