Entry 1471

"Dammit, failure is not an option! Can't you understand our way of life is at stake?"

Wait, wrong war, wrong character, wrong plot. Do over!

Operation Enduring Digitari simply wasn't getting off the ground. Support for his troops was waning, moral was falling and funding was in danger of being pulled out from under him. "How will my books ever make the best seller lists if we bring the troops home?" he asked as he reached to dial the phone.

"Furnass here," a voice answered. "How can I help you, Sir?"

"General Furnass," he replied, "I think it's time we came up with some new ideas-- got any?"

"Mister President... ah, ah, I mean, Billy, I think it's time we looked to the Air Force. They're experts at getting things off the ground."

"But General Furnass,, I don't have an air force."

"Now you do."

Operation Enduring Digitari is made possible with tactical support from EZ Greensboro, sellers of the best motorized bicycles in the literary world.

Photo copyright 2006 Tom Lassiter.