Entry 1477

"How do I get my book on the New York Times Best Seller List," he mused. If I could only get on the list then Operation Enduring Digitarti would be a huge victory and my detractors would finally be put in their places, that sniveling bunch of liberal weani..."

Night and day he pondered the question until the answers became clear, The New York Times Best Seller List is based on the number of books sold. The more books are sold the higher a book is on the list. Publishers report sales to the Times and the Times publishes the list. "Eureka!" he shouted. "All I have to do is buy enough copies of Reindeer Tales to get put on the list! That's exactly what I need to do."

Too bad his check bounced before the books were shipped. If not for that he might have made the big time.

"Damn, I should have used a credit card!"