Entry 1492

"Go online and promote your book," his publisher told him. "Go online and promote your book and your book will become a best seller. After the first big hit all you have to do is write." It was the year 2000 and so began the inspiration for what would eventually become Operation Enduring Digitarti, one obscure author's effort to earn a living with pen, paper and keyboard.

Years later, unemployed, depressed, hungry, deprived, sometimes suicidal and always lonely he plots his takeover of the literary world and the destruction of his enemies. Did I mention his spel chek was broken and his computer 10 years old? "I'll hit those dragons with weapons of mass distraction!" he screams in the night. "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out!"

Sure, he knew it would be hard but nobody bothered to tell him that dragons never die, they just go on to second printings. And third printings, and forth printings, and... Well, you know.