Entry 1501

Captain's log Star Date: 36593... Wait, wrong story.

"Go for it. Go for it," friends told him again and again. "You'll never make it as a writer driving a truck for a living. Go for it. Just quit your job and go for it."

His first book signing drew an over capacity crowd at the local library. Hundreds of people were in the room listening to him read, congratulating him on finally getting published and like everyone he knew they were all saying, "Go for it."

He had no idea so many people would come, listen to him read, tell him he was great and leave without buying a book. But not to be deterred he took their advice, left his job and starting booking events anywhere they would have him. Bars, truck stops, restaurants, coffee shops, laundromats, he even spent a day at an antique shop. Of the hundreds of people that came to his first reading none would he ever recognize as having attended any of his subsequent readings.

In the meantime the cost of promotion steadily rose, maxing out his credit cards and chipping away at his meager savings. He announced to the world he was going on an extended book tour but what he was really doing was moving out of his repossessed mobile home and into his 25 year old Ford Econoline van.

He would spend the next 6 months less than one tank full of gas away from home because he couldn't bear to face the folks back home but was scared to go any farther. Campgrounds, parking lots and the occasional backroad became his home while Operation Enduring Digitarti would still be years away.