Entry 1525

"Great authors don't become famous by being great writers."

"They don't?"

"Of course not," his publicist replied. "Name one famous author who got that way by being a great writer."

"Steven King?"

"Okay, so he's the exception who proves the rule. Name another?"

"Ernest Hemingway?"

"Hemingway got famous for turning his back on America and hanging out with Fidel Castro. Had he not got his name in the news as a commie no one would have ever bought his books and the old man would still be in the sea."

"What about Dr Suess?"

"Suess was Nazi sympathizer and friend of Adolph Hitler."

Oh, okay." he mumbled. "So what should I do to make myself famous?"

"Do like the guy in this video did and drive around town in a homemade airplane."

"Won't work," he replied.

"And why not."

"Cause I'm the guy in that video, that's why not."

"Oh..." she hesitated. "So why are you asking me for help?