Entry 1567

"Chickens!" he shouted. "I'll write about chickens. Better yet, I'll blog about chickens and before you can say 'two eggs over easy' I'll be making the headlines and selling books by Billy Jones like crazy. After all, people love chickens."

He dreamed of how the story would go national and how backyard chicken farmers around the world would buy his books. He dreamed of the day when he would be asked to bring his chickens on Oprah and the mad rush to the bookstores wherever he and his chickens appeared as Operation Enduring Digitarti swept the literary world the heads of the major publishing houses falling at his feet and worshiping him like a god. He dreamed of being nicknamed 'The Chicken Poet' and becoming a United States Poet Laureate just as 'The Bat Poet' had done right there in his very home town.

It didn't take long before he and his chickens became the story in the local main stream daily but while they wrote about his advanced chicken farming techniques they failed to mention he wrote books. To them he was just another chicken farmer.

"Curses, fouled again!"