Entry 1593

It was the 5 year anniversary of the beginning of Operation Enduring Digitarti and he took he place behind the podium, his face showing the determination that only comes to men who are very sure of themselves or, are complete idiots. "The literary world is better, and the United States of America is happier." he said. "No one would argue that this war has not come at a high cost in lives and treasure but those costs are necessary when we consider the cost of a strategic victory for our enemies in the publishing industry."

The crowd applauded wildly perhaps because of the free beer and spirits made available to them prior to his arrival, perhaps because they believed in him. He continued, "Having come so far, and achieved so much, we're not going to let this happen. To allow this to happen would be to ignore the lessons of the past and make it more likely that America's poets and writers would suffer another attack like the one we experienced that day."

Again the crowd applauded and while he believed them to be applauding for him it really was all about the free alcohol. "War critics can no longer credibly argue that we are losing Operation Enduring Digitarti," he said, "so now they argue the war costs too much."