Entry 1635

He knew he was taking a risk, he knew many of his soldiers would fall should the troop surge code named, Discovery Canada, not be a success but without an invasion from the northern borders he feared Operation Enduring Digitarti to be doomed. Besides, his enemies would never expect a Southern Redneck to have connections to their north. It's the perfect plan. he thought. Will the critics ever be surprised when thousands, perhaps millions of new troops come rushing to my aid, ready to destroy them while taking no prisoners except those who can easily be made to accept my way of life. "They're either with us or against us," he laughed. "It doesn't matter how I get there, the end justifies the means. If they give me any crap I'll give them a good old fashioned corporate water boarding. They want to see hard core writing, I'll show them how hard core I can be."

And so, when the date they had agreed upon finally came, a seductive talking head with brains to match, her photog in tow, appeared at his door ready, willing and able to produce the propaganda necessary to convince the American people to follow his plan to overthrow the Yankee publishing overlords and reduce the once mighty to the mere laborers of the publishing industry. Yes, he believed the publishing world would soon be his but he had no idea that Discovery Canada meant the show would only air in Canada.