Entry 3499

"But I can't stop now," he told the mystery woman.

"Sure you can," the Mystery Woman replied. "You have to stop now."

"But if I stop now everything I've worked for-- for all these many years-- everything will be gone and Operation Enduring Digatriti will become a failure-- a complete and utter failure. And I promised that would never happen."

"But don't you see?"

"Don't I see what?"

"If you just give up and disappear then the world will come looking for you."

"They will?"

"They surely will," she replied.

"But what about the girl-- won't she loose interest and think me a looser or a fool?"

"She already thinks you're a looser and a fool."

"She does?" he asked, more puzzled than ever. "Then why does she bother with me?"

"Women like fixer-upers."

"So you're saying I should give up the fight and give up the girl, right?"




"Long live the Neolitarti."

"Long live the Neolitarti."