Entry 3533

"You told her you love her!" The mystery woman shouted on the phone. He'd never heard her shout before and found it somewhat unsettling. "What were you thinking?"

"But I do love her," He replied. "What was I supposed to tell her?"

"Anything but that!" Her shouting was beginning to annoy him. "How can you expect to take control of the free literary world if you're all wrapped up in some hot babe?"

"But I don't give a damn about ruling the literary world."

"Since when?"

"Since,,," He hesitated, not sure of his answer. "I don't know, I just don't care anymore."

"So now that you've deployed all the troops and spread us all too thin you decide you don't give a damn-- is that what you're telling me?"


"Ah!" she interrupted. "Is ah the best you can do? How about a reason or if you don't have a reason then at least some lame excuse. Can you at least come up with a lame excuse?"

"I don't have a lame..."

"And Operation Enduring Digitarti doesn't have a leader!" she shouted as she slammed down the phone.

"I thought she wanted me to stop the war."