Entry 915

"Thanks for listening to my whining," she told him.

"Oh, it's not a problem," he replied. "When my troops have concerns I'm happy to address those concerns." Little did she know her whining was a joy when compared to the whining of his officers who were leading Operation Enduring Digitarti. She'll make a fine officer someday, he thought to himself. I'm glad I managed to recruit her directly instead of relying on those numskulls who claim to be leading my troops.

The battles to date had been hard fought and mostly failures. Most of his claims of victory would someday be found to be lies. He'd tried to present himself as confident and competent in front of the public but his veneer was wearing thin. So thin in-fact, that calls for his removal were getting louder everyday. That's okay, his brain mused, General Furnass has laid out a great plan, all I need do is get him enough support to get the job done. "Now if I could only remember the plan," he mumbled as he reached for the phone. "I hate having to ask the General to tell me again."