Entry 954

Radio talk shows can help you boost your book sales... he read from the book. 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. "Those guys wrote the best selling book, Chicken Soup For The Soul, They know all about becoming best selling authors and taking the literary world by storm."

His mind was made up, he would go live on drive time radio and make Operation Enduring Digitarti the success he knew it could be. He spent the next two years calling, e-mailing, and mailing copies of his first book to all the biggest radio talk shows in the nation without getting a single returned call, e-mail or book returned. "I'll go there and camp at their door!" he shouted. "Then they'll put me on the radio!"

On the morning when he arrived over 200 people were already waiting, most of them with their books in hand, all hoping to go live on the radio. "Damn," he mumbled, "Why didn't I remember to pack my lunch?"