Entry 547

Operation Enduring Digitarti was becoming a dismal failure. It was so bad he considered going AWOL but remembering he was the leader of the free world asshole in charge of the charge he realized he had to stay the course no matter what. The time had come for decisions. "General Furnass," he ordered, "It's time you took over the poets."

"Sir, yes Sir!" the general saluted. "Sir, what about the prose, Sir?"

"I'm going to put General Wilkins in charge of the prose."

"Sir, yes Sir! What is your plan Sir?"

"I'm going to use the reindeer."

"But Sir, if you use the reindeer the world will hate you."

"Yes, General, the world may hate me but I'm not the kind of leader that let's public opinion influence my decisions."

How far will he go to control the publishing industry? Will he use the reindeer to destroy the entire publishing world or just a few tall buildings in New York? Tune in next time when Billy says, "This is the craziest bunch of nonsense I've ever written."